Thursday, July 26, 2012


Viako launched New concept design PC “Digital com-watch” Mini-letter ML-45 Clock WiFi C8G Series

Viako, which is specialized at mini PC, HTPC, Media server and Industrial PC leader announced that a new concept in design PC, releases "Mini-letter ML-45 clock WiFi C8G.

Mini-letter ML-45 Clock WiFi C8G Series which is a digital clock on the front panel with the "com watch" product is make it work same as located in digital clock with only the power of the PC, regardless the PC driven to work in the living room or on your desk. These days, Smart-phone era, there is no clock on the desk or in the living room, the reason why Viako make this com-watch by using Mini PC-ML-45 case for typical design of mini-letter made by Viako’s main model.

The front panel digital clock supports four different mode, clock display, alarm settings, in addition to the PC through its own speaker alarms and set of On-mode, temperature alarm is fitted inside the PC case temperature sensitivity to temperature or higher, as well as a warning from the alarm clock that you have to work on its own.

Mini-letter ML-45 Clock H M 65 C8G Series used for the latest Intel WiFi and low-power Mobile Celeron Dual Core CPU, chip M867 (1.3 G h z), four USB and HDMI, been informed that D-Sub interface support. It also supports WiFi, wireless Internet, you can enjoy Full HD videos and HD graphics with Intel and specification if you don’t need to play high spec video game.

Because of the low-power-based products, energy saving and even help a lot, as Secretary of the environment suitable for PC design product. Mini Series the next mini-letter ML-45 Clock WiFi CPU and i5 C8G built com- watch series is scheduled to be released on an ongoing basis, as well as Apple's remote control Clock could be controlled.

Come-watch series was welcomed to many buyers at computex on Jun in this year.

So, Viako will  launches in overseas market  for sales aggressively.

Viako Co., Ltd officials announced  that  new concept of PC which is called “Design PC” was introduced in the end of this year. And the Mini Series that is called ML-45 Clock WiFi C8G is our start posting product.  as well as Palm size PC will be released on the market soon.

Viako will release a variety of Mini PC Barebone, completed product, case and related peripherals, industrial video devices such as set-top boxes and Mini-PCs, and on an ongoing basis, and plans to running without stop with providing total solutions MINI-ITX-related domestic representative design set-top box, PC, Mini HTPC as a representative company.

In addition to, Viako Co.,Ltd is now services e-learning site ( is the service from the accord in edu-learning the current domestic certification e-learning lessons and enterprise in the pure lecture content, service and e-learning services give rise to fresh wind in the leading online e-learning site.

Contact: Viako Co.,Ltd ( / 02-716-5121)     

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Viako got awarded from DeviceUnknown

one IT media named DeviceUnknown( released a review of Viako ML55 Case and ML Style Hybrid Case and...

YES!. We got awarded!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Viako Smart Show Case V1.1

Viako Smart Show Case, hottest product on CES2012 was revised up to V1.1 with better design and better spec.

22" See Thru LCD
Touch Panel

system performance is up to customer request from AMD E350 to Intel i5-2500 CPU.

our reference customers are cosmetic company, Jeweler, Luxury gadget like Prada.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ML SELF Case Flyer in Japan

Our Japanese customer release a brochure(flyer) of our ML SELF Case. here is detail.

click to enlarge

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FL50 Series Flyer

FL50 series, Fanless, Zero Dust and Zero Noise!!

we, Viako release FL50 flyer for our customer and potential customer. the FL50 series may contain one of three solution. Intel Atom, AMD E350, NVIDIA ION2!

do you need more questions? plz contact

Viako on CES Las Vegas

Viako showcased their products on CES 2012. thanks to Seoul City Gov, Viako spent less cost to exhibit their products.

here is some photos.

Signboard of Viako on CES

Viako's new product named Smart Show Case! it is HOT in CES 2012!!

you put a real product in the Smart Show Case and make a video contents regarding the real product and showcase in department store or airport or subway station which is very crowed.