Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our New product-Mini Letter Neo2 PW Kit

Viako,No1 mini pc manufacture in Korean mini PC market share, launched Neo2 PW Kit Series.
Neo 2 has one bay for notebook ODD and  the other bay for HDD or SSD.


  1. Does the 5A model have different top panel to the 8A?

  2. 5A model and 8A model has the same top panel.

    5A model can have intel D525 or AMD E350 or NV ION2.

    8A model can have intel i3-2100. of course, we offer a LP type CPU cooler if customer wants

  3. But in the picture there is different top panels.

    The one on the left has small vents on side. The other two have large vents in the middle.

    If I am ordering a case how do I order the one with small vents, what is the model name?

  4. small vent on top cover is for 60W version. however, we recently found we dont need to keep two top covers. that is why i told you that way.

    if you want to buy 1pcs with small vent which is 60W version, plz mail me, lance@viako.com