Monday, September 19, 2011

ML Style NF 2100 PC for DID and KIOSK

Viako, no.1 mini PC player in Korea released a new PC for DID(Digital Signage) and KIOSK. a special thing on this PC is the PC has no fan. so it will not have a problem of dust while it is running in subway station or airport.

normally, settop PC running in subway station or airport has a problem because dust kills a fan in the PC. so, Viako's customer informed Viako prevent this issue and Viako R/D makes a new PC without fan.

if the PC stops because of fan problem, it is very easy to fix. just swap a new fan. however, it will take some cost to visit the subway station or airport. it will finally be a big burden for PC manufacturer. that is why Viako releases this PC.

here is more pictures.

the PC has
1. no fan inside
2. Intel i3 2100 CPU
3. 4GB memory
4. 32GB or 64GB or 80GB SSD
5. Intel H67 based motherboard

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